Ability to group friends + choose which group(s)/friend(s) can view what game your playing atm



  • SadSquidEye

    Would be a great feature, I’m always hesitant on adding people because I may not always want to play with them later.

  • TechnicallyCoded

    Grouping friends would be awesome.

    irl friends
    game friends
    friends from a certain server

    there are so many possibilities that I could think of. Friends list is unmanageable atm
    If this is ever implemented you should be able to have a default group your friends go to, then you can choose to move them into whatever group you like. That way you can add dozens of friends if you want to be able to talk but easily remove all of the ones in the default group while keeping the other ones.

  • koalas r awesome

    this would be an awesome idear


  • Jamie Nicholson

    Just the ability to group friends into custom groups would be amazing as a first pass. Additional properties after that is a nice to have. I don't have a huge friend list and it is already frustrating, so I couldn't imagine how impossible it would be for people who have hundreds.


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