Re-add gun emoji



  • markawes

    You are aware you can add custom emoji.

  • Bill Chompski

    That is indeed a fact as you state it is.

  • markawes

    Why not do that instead then as a workaround?

  • Bill Chompski

    Because it doesn't work if me and a like-minded stranger wanna have an impromptu duel on another server 
    Water guns don't leave us with much impact or fun, and that leaves us with knives
    and bringing knives to a gunfight makes it a knife-fight, which isn't a duel


  • damn, first the eyes emoji and now the gun? what's the problem with it? It's just an emoji? It's not really as fun trying to playfully threaten my friends with a water gun emoji rather than an actual one. Both the gun and the eyes emoji should be changed back imo. Adding it as a custom server emote only works if you use it in that specific server (unless you have the money for nitro, which not everyone can do), and I've already had to do this with the eyes emoji. Now I have to waste another one of my few server emoji slots for something I shouldn't have to do in the first place.

  • Bill Chompski

    This man said it better than I indeed


    I'm guessing it's supposed to be parity with mobile users? But nobody on mobile likes Google and Apple cramming water-pistols down their throat when they want a friggin' gun anyways, and they don't exactly have a choice in the matter like the PC platform does.

    @lost in you I didn't know they changed :eyes:, I assumed it was a custom emote since I've only seen the emote used in a couple servers. Now I can't unsee it, it doesn't fit stylistically with any of the other emotes.

  • Ray Koopa

    Most emoji sets have switched from an actual handgun to a toy gun. The reasons are obvious. Discord just follows suit.

    Yeah, I don't like it myself.

  • maxwell_edison

    Discord refuses to stop pretending to be hip with the young folk with their stupid gamer xd loading screens, yet shows their boomer corporate stupidity with the emoji change.

  • ChopBlock223

    Bring back the normal gun, nobody wants the goddamn squirtgun.

  • Trash Boat

    How stupid. They even left the bomb emoji too. A bomb leaves a splatter of dismembered body parts. Way more disgusting than guns. This is just reactionary horseshit. 

  • Dusty

    Agree. Simply seeing a cartoon image of a revolver is not going to provoke or encourage any unlawful act, any more than seeing the image of a squirtgun will. The squirtgun makes me want to do crimes MORE than the gun, honestly.


    Seriously, what the hell.

    Restore the actual icon. There may be b*tching about "it's just an emoticon/picture/whatever" and people going apesh*t over it, but then why did they change it in the first place?

    Why do we need this corporate oversensitive crap?

  • The Meme Lord

    I used to think Discord was brave to be one of the few messaging apps that still had an actual gun emoji, especially after all the other brands started replacing them with water pistols. Who was the single-brain-celled person that related gun violence to gun emojis on an instant messaging program?

  • Spoox

    A reminder: Discord uses Twemoji, which is handled by Apple. Discord did not "remove" the gun emoji and replace it with a water pistol – they updated to the latest version of Twemoji, which did so. If you want to use the old emoji you can just upload it as a custom emoji to your server.

    Complaining to Discord is entirely irrelevant. They're not going to downgrade Twemoji, and they're not going to add global emoji versions for every time Twemoji tweaks a design of an emoji. Complaints like these make more sense off-site.

    Basically, I'm saying to complain to Twemoji. Don't complain to Discord, because it's a waste of effort.

  • Kermit

    On my phone all I have to do is write gun and then I get this >>> 🔫


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