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  • Zombie

    I can't believe this has been a heavily-reported problem for YEARS and discord refuses to get a single programmer to spend 10 minutes adding a notification volume slider in the client

    jesus h christ

  • Syrant

    Please add in a volume slider for application sounds

    The degree at which I keep the client (comfortable volume from my speakers, especially in an apartment complex) makes me miss 80% of pings due to how quiet the notification is. I honestly want to say it has gotten even quieter but the volume has not been touched in windows or on the speakers. It's either I miss almost all pings or every other application sound is way too loud. It's genuinely been bothering me for about a year and I like everything else about discord BUT this inability to change notification volume.

    It's one single feature that people clearly want, please do something about this.

    I hope this will be fixed soon, thank you.

  • Burnz

    Give us a notification volume slider already, it's a basic feature and should have been implemented a long time ago.

  • Major_Sandwich

    I really need a notification volume slider

  • zayOkay

    READ JoHegl 's POST 

    READ JoHegl 's POST 

    READ JoHegl 's POST 


  • Syrant

    Trust me, the notification volume thing is set to max, it's still not loud enough.

  • BigPeteMaan

    Issue sorted via RMB on sound - Open Volume Mixer - turn discord waaaaaaaaaaaaay down. Bye bye LOUD ASF NOTIFICATIONS.

  • Hope

    Please implement this.  Why is this so damn loud?  Sounds like it's going to blow my speakers, I swear.  It's the only thing that is this loud.  No videos are, no music, no other app.  It's ridiculous.  I wish this weren't so popular so I could go back to Skype.

  • Adelscott

    @Hope there's a plugin for this, named NotificationSounds here : 

    How to use plugins : check this tutorial


  • celer

    Please implement a notification volume slider? I've moved onto a system that resets the two volume sliders back into one VERY frequently and it is VERY inconvenient and disorienting to have a notification blast at 80% system volume after I'd already been careful to manually adjust it earlier. It's downright unconscionable that this hasn't been a thing all along. 

  • DyadyaPendalf

    Try to check this video

    If you can't find volume slider - try to join any discord voice channel or start discord microphone test in settings and check volume mixer again.

    If you want to test your discord notifications volume - you could turn on/off your microphone in discord together with scrolling notifications volume slider.

  • KuD

    Do you read the thread? Have any of the replies been about not being able to find the mixer? The mixer resets, meaning nothing you do in the mixer ultimately matters.

    The only halfway good answer is the guy who said to use a third party discord but I already did that in the past and eventually discord updated and overwrote it, on top of the obvious issue of needing a third party copy because the developers have entirely ignored an issue that has popped up in countless threads over the years. 

  • dirtorbust

    I can't believe a google search of "Lower Discord notification volume" really brought me to a ticket where people asked over 1 year ago for such a basic feature. 

    This is wild. Just put a volume slider in the "Notifications" category. Boom done. 

    ...The volume output sliders in WIN 10 used to change my mic level. Overhaul the whole thing please

  • Deci

    They actively NEED this feature as i had to reformat my pc and reinstall everything and since the reinstall discord does not show up on either app volume controllers

  • KyuHikahri

    Still no solution?

  • infini

    still we can't do this... that's sad :(


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