Undeletable messages



  • Suspense
    Seems useless imo
  • TheFutureKnight
    maybe get trusted people to be admins or make backups, whichever works, plus when an admin abuses he won't delete a couple messages and that's it, they'll delete the channels, which makes locking messages useless.
  • SaltyCatFish

    Accidently posted a webhook url to my repo.  Some @*$&%^ found it and flooded the channel with locked messages.  Now I have to delete the channel.

    My fault entirely, but while I don't see the benefits of locked messages, I sure do see the pitfalls.

  • cedrikgalaxy

    had to redo a whole channel because somehow i or the bot aperently made a message wich is ment to set something with the bot up a locked message. instead of that you should simply be able to restrict admin powers in certain channel so only the owner or certain roles/people get a pass on it


  • Cathy's Boyfriend

    how do you send a undeletable message?


  • chinami™

    does anyone know how to send an undeleteable message?

  • Ac3X0

    I faced this issue right now. Here is what i did:

    - Wanted to create an event with Apollo bot with the command "!event"
    - Only messages from friends was enabled
    - Can't delete the message anymore

  • INTV

    I have the same problem, but only happens when i demand to my bot to delete a message

    But sometime, the bot respond a bit quickly, so the message seems to not send correctly and lock itself 

    i'm not sure if its right, but it really look like its a bot problem that does that . . . 


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