Rename Friends and add Friend Groups



  • long.nguyenxuan

    Oniguro : sure, I just provide a way to get the job done right now, while waiting discord developer to add features for advanced managing contact :D 


  • Capt_Redbeard

    Renaming friends still hasn't been added? This seems like such an obvious feature for an chat program. +1 please add!

  • Denyer

    Came here because of this, really struggling with memory issues and when people change their names it causes absolute chaos. Steam allows you to rename contacts, it's fairly simple stuff guys - clicking on notes for 20 people in a channel really isn't workable :(

  • Hees

    Hee @Denyer, It seems - and I use Discord very sparingly - that our quest has come to an end. Without fuss I was able to change one of these very fantastic but very hard to remember-usernames into something that I *can* remember. This holds true for the Discord website and app. So give it a try. 

  • hotn

    Hees I can see that if you right-click a username in the desktop app, there is an option to change their nickname. However, the name you choose only shows up in direct messages. While that's something, it's still not useful at all when you're in an active chat channel. In a channel, that person's username still shows, not the updated nickname. It's in channels with a bunch of users where renaming would really be useful, far more so than in a direct message where it's much more likely you know who you're talking to. So, I don't think the nickname approach really solves the issue here.

    If you're seeing a way to rename people where it will show the new name in channels, please tell us the steps you took to do so.

  • Hees

    hotn Ahh, so I was happy with just half the story. Thanks for the heads-up. I never chatted with anyone so I didn't know the limitation of renaming a (local) contact. So we still have things to wish for.

    To answer your question: I wish I knew! ;)


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