Rename Friends and add Friend Groups



  • Typhoon
    You can use notes for this as well ^
  • Enok


  • TechnicallyCoded

    Friends groups gets a +1... idk about renaming them though.

  • Virtus

    Notes on their profile doesn't help me find their account when I am looking for them. I want to be able to nick my friends and group them somehow, just like you can on Steam. It has been insanely useful for me to organize both close friends, friends of friends, online friends for matches, online friends from communities, and so on.


    • A way to group friends
    • A way to set persistent nickname on friend so I can find them when I search
  • Marvin

    @VirtusGraphics has right! or u add a function that search throughtout notes or let peoples rename their friends


  • The Meme Lord

    +1 for friend groups but I don't see the purpose of renaming your friends, thats what notes are for. And if they are your friends you would remember their username and/or notice when they change that

  • RyanM

    I think this would be very useful.

  • BillHenn

    Renaming friends is extremely useful for people you don't often keep in contact with but who you want to look at in the list and see their full name instead of an obscure alias.  The note is difficult to get to since you have to open their profile.  It would be much easier to just use your own name for them right in the top-level friends list.

    Plus sometimes it's fun to have your own slang name for good friends that you want to have show up in the top-level list.

  • Hees

    I agree. Steam is doing it right, I have both their nick and whateveriwannecall'm in one screen a.k.a. "Friends".

  • KhanKudo

    For me the friends grouping isn't very useful but I can see very well how for many people it is very important.
    However I really want to rename my friends in the friends list. Many of my friends have weird / stupid usernames and I want to change it to their real name.

  • Marvin

    i'd like to use this program but looking for a friends is too messed up in this app

  • Used2beC

    I totally agree with being able to rename friends. Discord is amazing in every way and has changed the way I've thought about communication with family and friends. Renaming friends is a must. Grouping/tagging would be a huge plus.


    In the meantime, it might be helpful if the CTRL+K search function searched the NOTES field for friends. Also show the note when hovering over a friend.

  • andy

    Agree with renaming friends in own friend list. Like someone mentioned steam allows me to put a nickname to identify and view directly in my friends list who that is cause of the weird account names. Yes they are my friends but you can't expect me to remember 101 different weird account names just cause they're my friends? Same as you not remembering every single one of your friends' phone numbers.. 

  • John

    +1 for being able to set a nickname for friends! Usernames can be changed, they can be hard to remember, and sometimes they can just be plain weird. Being able to set a nickname would help a lot.

  • Oniguro

    +1 to friend groups and nicknames. VirtusGraphics's explaination for this is very clear as well.

  • Adamlwins1

    The real Question is why isnt this done yet? its been months


  • vladimir.aubrecht

    +1 This would be insanely useful.

  • Andy P.

    @everyone who says use notes. just stop. notes are useless. no one wants to click one by one on peoples profile to see their note to find what they are looking for. notes would be useful if you could search by notes, but that just pushes the problem down the line. we should be able to rename people, there is no reason not to.

  • sh!zeeg

    Steam has the feature. it's literally impossible to tell who is who in the roster after a while because people are so dumb these days it's impossible for some to keep their name consistent.

  • Chris Forsberg

    +1 Just fix this

  • calaldees

    I can't find my friends because they keep changing their name.



  • Dreugui

    I just friended my teacher on discord, And He wanted to see my name to know WHO is the person behind the pseudo, and I think it's really a needed option. steam is really better at gestioning friend. EVEN in SKYPE you can reanme your friends ! 

    plz ?  


  • Brannon

    +1 to being able to change the displayed name for your friends at your own end. Once you hit a critical mass of friends it's very hard to recall who everyone is when people are using different nicknames.

    +1 to making Notes searchable. Would be super useful.

  • DanielBDavis

    So need this feature. Notes are visible in profile, but editing friend's visible nickname is a must. I do not understand why this is not a feature. Imagine being a teacher and have a full group of A$$Bu$ters 0345. 

  • Marvin

    I'm still waiting for using this software since 2 year, untill they won't do this change i'll don't use it. I think this voice chat could be the best one compare to every other V-Chat but i need to find my friend or it will be usefull. too messy for me.

  • Used2beC

    I submitted feedback and this was their response. I guess we need more upvotes.

    Sadly, it's not that easy to implement new features in the app. We have to consider how the feature is needed and by how many have upvoted the post. Usually, the top post is the one to get focused on implementation. We can't just add anything that is posted on the feedback site, otherwise, the app may fail in functioning.

    No worries, I'll be happy to forward this to the team for us to ponder on moving forward. However, it would still be better if the post could be upvoted more and brought to be on top.

  • Brannon

    Sadly if it's "not that easy to implement new features in the app," then their app is going to get its shit kicked by a new app in the near future. In a SOCIAL app the management of your methods for interacting with friends should be a top level concern all the time. Sure, listen to feedback from the audience, but you should also identify things that can make the experience better and implement those changes, even if the audience doesn't see that potential—the audience are not professional designers.

    Do they not have Designers at Discord?

  • Хацкер

    но как попасть на дескорд сервер и отправить заявку

  • long.nguyenxuan

    right-click on your friend icon, choose profile, 
    then add some Notes to remind yourself who he is 


  • Oniguro

    Long, that isn't enough for those that have a bunch of contacts from multiple circles.
    This could be Friends, Family, Support, Customers, etc, etc.

    Notes are also not easy to read in a single glance, you would have to click each person to see their notes.


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