Searching for someones servers



  • DMCPEPlaysOfficial
    The correct place to post this is the Discord Forum or contact Discord support. There might also be an article in the help centre.
  • cumquat

    DMC ive already looked there and i couldnt find anything


  • bad burndowntheworld

    Tbh idk if this were a feature how safe it would be. People would be able to see if your in a server that is NSFW and you want to be private, but on the other hand you could tell if they are in servers like servers that plan raids. So I think this should be a feature but discord should make it so you can mark servers a nsfw and for kids under 18 it wouldn't show up.

  • Drakos

    if this was available it'd lead to some major privacy conserns and/or ability to abuse for stalking etc, other person wouldnt even need to know the -fake- acct is 'you' who they might be intentionally avoiding, youd just create a fake acct look at their profile, see all of their servers then join them w the fake acct and stalk them 24/7.  I dont see this being made avail. and I know there's a lot of discord users who are begging discord to let them hide mutual servers from non friends and/or friends as well.  This I find more possible to be implemented.


    I dont know if they exist, or if discord API would even allow it, but there might be user scripts and/or bots out there in clearnet and/or dark net that may be able to scan someone's profile etc and find you -all- their servers. But even if it exists the moment you install it you are very and most likely violating discord TOS (terms of use) and may find yourself banned.

  • rockycanyons

    What if instead of it being all the servers its only servers that are public. Meaning that the servers that are privated don’t show up in the discord user’s servers. Just a thought.

  • rockycanyons

    I’m not saying it is ok to violate someone’s privacy but they can also make it so only those above 18 can have their servers shown.

  • rockycanyons

    And they can opt in or out.


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