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  • ||UsedDiscord||

    For report a bug, go here please :

  • DiscipleDavid (TruthFlix)

    I also have noticed that I can't copy and paste 




















































































































  • Killer 0.5

    Hello don't get puch notifications on my tab except messages have not been issued 

  • Caulze

    When I try use a bot on discord called yunite which is a 3rd party bot for fortnite. I can access it on tablet but not my phone anymore. Other people in my discord are having the same issue. I'm staff in a 16k + discord if you don't mind dming me back on discord if you want more information or want to tell me ways I can access the bot. Please dm me on discord.

  • jonny

    When i join a voice channel and wait it turns the screen black then normal than black again and it dose that Over and Over

  • yMiguel

    Quero relatar um bug que estava acontecendo. Um certo dia eu tentei deslogar da minha conta e entrar na minha conta secundária, porém não estava conseguindo e eu tinha colocado o email certo e a senha certa. Espero que isso não aconteça mais. Meu Discord: yMiguel#2577

    I want to report a bug that was happening. One day I tried to log out of my account and log into my secondary account, but I was not able to and I had put the right email and password

  • Mirro

    What do i do to stop my profile from unintentionally zooming at the corner? (like the pfp you're seeing me wearing rn). Like bruh, this happens everytime i wanted to change my pfp in the app (I'm on mobile btw) it always zooms into the corner. I've been always using the discord website to change it but as I'm typing right now the site doesn't load for some reason ;-; 

  • CallMeMichael

    I want to report a bug.
    Everytime my friend joins my server it didn't even work. He said the only screen he saw is nothing. For some reason if he cancel the invitation it didn't work it's just show him that again.
    Please reply to this message.

  • Dayx

    J'envoie ce petit message pour signaler un bug qui est effectif sur la version android (du moins) de discord et qui est assez embêtant
    En gros quand on est en vocal et qu'on veut rejoindre un autre vocal (sans se déconnecter du premier vocal) notre discord freeze et on est obligé de le relancer.

  • juliovini 🎗

    eu quero reportar um bug toda a vez que tento logar no discord (mobile) aparece 'parece que você encontrou um erro selvagem lendário'
    i want to report a bug that when a want to login in diacord mobile it says "look that you find a legendary bug"
    espero que concertem meu discord: juliovini#8699

  • Yalnız Kurt ᴹᴮᴼ ᵀᵁᴿᴷᴷ ☭

    Merhaba sayın discord yöneticileri
    Bugün gördüğüm bir bugu size göstermek istedim internetim kapalıyken discorda girdim 
    1 yeni vaktinden beri 1 Ocak 2015 yazıyor bunu düzeltmemizi talep ediyorum buda benim discordum bana ulasa bilirsiniz: Yalnız Kurt ᴹᴮᴼ ᵀᵁᴿᴷᴷ ☭#6574 ve fotolarını çektim umarım bu bug düzelir 


  • Nebula

    I wanna report a bug I face I'm sending a emoji in response to a song some how I got bot tag the id is showing Nebula#0000
    And when I try to see the id so it is showing that there was a problem


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