I would HAPPILY pay for BOOST my discord server to LEVEL 3 if...



  • Evan

    There already exists a "Premium Discord" service you can buy: Discord Nitro (and Nitro Classic). I don't really understand what someone would need Level 3 boosting for on a server of five people... the Vanity URL? Maybe I'm misunderstanding you, but, I think you hit the nail on the head with "this system is meant for these mega servers with a ton of people", as by default you really don't need that level of boosting for a personal server.

  • moo1210
    Boosting your own server with nitro is about 120$ per month because its not designed to be bought 30 times or 28 if you use your nitro boosts, it was designed to be bought once or twice, and the price isn't going to be lowered because of that.
  • BigNotchGames


    Our server is not "5 people". We have 5 boosters. The actual server size is somewhere around 150 - 200 people. Basically what i'm saying is, we fall between the cracks. We are not a MEGA server, we are not tiny. We are a group of gamers have  been around and take it seriously. And yes, we could DEFINITELY Benefit from having an AT LEAST level 2 server.


  • Evan

    Ahh, I misread! Regardless, as an owner of a few "Level 1" servers, I really don't see the appeal of most of the boost features nor a reason for it to cost any less, honestly. Disregard my previous comment because I don't know how to read, though!

  • Arkentias

    I completely understand you.

    Heck, I have a microscopic Discord server with only ~20 IRL friends but I would gladly pay to have perfect audio, that's the only feature I need! And right now the only way to do that is to go through an overpriced boost system, compared to our server's usage

  • alternate.gaff

    I can relate. I run a new server for a community that would be "stereotyped" for Slack or MS Teams because of the demographics, but Discord is the best platform for us. However, the cost of singlehandedly boosting a server to L3 for the professional perks (larger upload size, better calling quality) is too high for what it's lacking. What we need is expanded Role counts (another 250 or so), expanded Channel counts (another 500 or so), expanded Live call sizes (another 50 slots) and/or organizational features like collapsible threads and internal hyperlinking. In my dream world,  there's a collaborative whiteboard workspace too, but I'm okay with that staying a fantasy if the other needs can be met. I'd push harder from the organization to cover L3 boost expenses if there were USEFUL things in the boost perks, but a vanity URL just isn't incentive enough to shell out, what, $150 a month? $1800 annually? At $4.99/month per boost, for 30 boosts, I need a bit more than emoji storage.

    Discord, y'all are missing out on easy money!

  • Hariansyah

    Its about making community. If your server is worthy enough to be their favorite, they will boost your server even if you didn't asked them. Make your discord server worthy


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