Got hacked, all friends removed, all servers lost.



  • ZerMal.kzb />

    Hi, sorry you're having this problem. If you'd like help in troubleshooting your issue, please fill out this form:

  • V_Champion

    This is a serious issue. I've had the SAME exact thing happen to me. My discord account was somehow compromised and all my servers, friends etc were removed as well as all my DMs being closed. Discord support couldn't help me at all and pretty much told me it wasn't their problem.

    I did not install malware, or download anything at all. The best thing you can do right now is request your data from discord, and you can find all of your DM history with everyone you've ever DMed and servers you've been in.

    Good luck.

  • kinda

    Thank you ZerMal

  • bas

    me too im am so scared and i need help

  • Ryneezee

    dis sum bs man hope they have a rollback option

  • c a t t o

    Just had the same thing happen to me today! It's so annoying and I really worried and angry. I filed out a complaint to Discord but I'm still pretty sure that Discord can't do anything. I want to get a data request sent to my house, but I just don't want anything sent to my house that might take 30 days or longer. I want my account with all the info back, and now.

  • Jon Fox

    Just had this happen to me just now. Now. Im a little beyond p***ed right now. And im going to tear into someone if they dont recover all my stuff soon.

  • 7444

    Happened to me just now, lost my server with 100 members

    I'm very sad

  • brittany/alexis

    i had a gaming server called jit void  and a bunch of friends but then i joined this one server and got hacked pls help me get them back

  • Aamiyah!

    This happened to me like 3 days ago, but I don't get why it happened to me I don't even own a pc or laptop so I can't install malware.

  • FDR Mapperdonia

    Please help! ALL of my joined servers and my friends on my Discord account have been deleted without knowing and I haven't done anything wrong. In fact, I am working on my question pack on a possible royal_flush stream.

  • Deweyx626

    I clicked a link a friend sent me and it ask for me to verify so I did. I got hacked lost my server :(

  • Tkoufalis

    same here but i got termed the guy used a hacking tool to mass report my discord server and my account then boom

  • astro

    So I lost my discord account and i lost my good friend i know his name was #Rishi something he has a pfp of like lights i would appreciate it if i could get help!

  • Wide

    astro I  am really sorry to hear that. I can't really help you, since i don't know any people who named themselfs Rishi. But I do hope you got him back

  • Alexisp93

    I got hacked too and lost a server of 7k members and work. Someone know how to resolve?


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