Add personal/private nicknames to users



  • Lil Sizzurp

    I like this idea. It would be pretty easy to implement (some illegal client mods already have this feature, though i wouldn't recommend using them).

  • Coydog

    I was literally just thinking this, after spending 20 minutes looking for someone. You god

  • MushroomMan

    I really wish this was a thing. There's someone on a server I'm on that I keep mistaking for a girl. I need to be able to nickname them as "Man"

  • xbot

    This would be extremely useful, there are folks out there who have very... original server nicks completely different from the personal, or who regularly change any and all of them. It can be very difficult to track who's who. Even more so with the current unpleasantness leading companies to use discord for home-working communications.

  • aspiers

    I think this is a duplicate of

    As mentioned there, I've just created a browser userscript to solve this annoying problem:

    Please give it a go and let me know if it works for you!


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