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  • Rippy™ (Stressed)
    again that would defeat the purpose of programming/coding, and there are bots ready to use avaliable
  • Eti

    It's an idea that sounds handy in concept (at least, the ability to automate the process of building bots), but you must understand how bots work -- Bots are automated users that must be run on your own computer, it's not exactly something that's straightforward in all cases + can be designed in something like a web browser or simple app.

    If you want an easier way to design a bot, I'm afraid you'll need to learn programming. There's bot frameworks written in tons of languges. In terms of entry-level languages that are friendly for new programmers, you may consider this tutorial, which addresses designing bots in Python: https://realpython.com/how-to-make-a-discord-bot-python/

    There's node-based programming languages out there for sure, but I don't think anyone has designed anything like what you're looking for that can design discord bots.

  • HikeHak


    Could you please help me fix this error?

  • Isaiah Commits


  • How do you use this app?! I'm so confused..

  • How do you make the bots?? I’m so confused, i read all the words on this link and nothing works

  • メ✧PISI9✧メ

    how do you make bots

  • Intellectual

    You can use a simple program called "Discord Bot Maker", but for what I've heard programming one would be more benefitial due to the advanced conditions upon which discord bots function.

  • iMega_x

    Hey guys! You can use this to make your bot with no coding. And it doesnt say the tipical "made and hosted on wtv" https://botbind.com

  • King133477

    Yeah, now they can't accept new members again :(
    I mean because they have some problem I think.

  • Toasted Gamer


  • Gamer Boy 90

    where can i make my bot

  • skedaddle

    Yeah, if you don't have nitro and don't know how to code use BotGhost.

  • Vorock

    Where is the link?

  • Aaron reid

    not BotGhost it needs a expensive subscription. https://dbotmaker.io/ is better its only costs $9.99.

  • PheonixTv

    You could just learn how to code Aaron reid

  • 🙏DisList.Me | Owner

    actually https://guilded.gg has achieved this where you can make a bot and host it inside of guilded.gg for your guilded.gg guild(server) everything your paying for on discord like nitro and perks aka (boosts) on discord like a vanity url for lvl 3 server and so forth is all free over on guilded.gg


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