Timezone Markdown



  • kaosaxis

    I agree

  • Draylynn

    Is this in the works at all? This is a very much requested feature.

  • Alian713

    Such A simple yet useful idea!!!! Please do add this

  • 2dozen22s

    yes pls

  • Strionic Resonator

    Any update on this? As someone who is not in the US, I have to deal with manually converting timezone-based announcements to my local time.

    Atlassian's Confluence has this built-in: you can type double backslash ("\\") then either enter the date in the server's current format OR use the calendar date picker. This then adds the date in a macro that displays the date in the user's local DateTime format. In my case, the confluence server I use uses the same date/time format I use, but trust that the second screenshot reflects whatever your device is set to.

    To capture the time, Discord could add a couple of text boxes under the calendar to capture the time (entered as 12- or 24-h time, but is displayed in the user's preference).


  • friday

    as an european with a lot of american-located friends this would mean a lot to me

  • solus

    I've seen quite a few MMO guilds use discord, and they usually have members from all over the world. This feature is a no-brainer for scheduling in-game meetups and events.

  • Waylander

    I would suggest users can add time to a message using the following syntax:

    • /time[23:00] <- would be 23:00 in the user's local timezone
    • /time[23:00 Europe/London] <- would be 23:00 but in the London timezone
    • /time[11:43 am] <- Same thing as the first but with am/pm
    • /time[30-10-2020 23:43] <- With a date. This one is most difficult due to different date formats (looking at you US with your weird MM/DD). How you tackle this one is up to you but I would recommend to either force YYYY-MM-DD or use the local format. If you allow other formats allow them to be configurable (don't force DD/MM for US, don't force MM/DD for the rest of the world either).

    Receivers would see the time in their local timezone and local date format. Ideally one could change their date format in the Discord settings.

    Nice to have: When hovering over, or clicking on, the date, the user sees the original time. Alternatively, the original date is displayed next to the converted date.

  • SennePuff

    So something like this?


    (not mine by the way)

  • Aru

    So something like this?


    Kinda, only native and for any dates/times not just the current time.
    With that bot you can only find the time NOW.

    I'd like to see a feature that lets you say "let's all meet @@6:30pm to play xyz" and it would display 6:30 for me, 9:30 for a buddy, and 5:30 for some other people all depending on their own local timezones. No math involved, nobody needing to know what timezone the orignial message was sent in, just each user setting their preferred timezone setting in the discord user settings.

  • fumG

    Its already in discord...

    type <t:(numbers (i don't know how this part works)):R>

    its just like emojis (<emojiname:34823434792837 (id)> and <a:animatedemojiname:28498387498327 (id)>)

    and there's more but i cannot find any on net

  • Waylander

    fumG, <t:Unix timestamp> does not achieve the complexities of the feature proposed here.

  • ooliver

    fumG this post was made 2 years ago, they don't need being told its in but was only fully supported by mobile like last week.

  • Quarior

    About the t:timespans:format format, I would like a way to say current date and current time (for a pinned message on a server by example), and maybe support some operators like t:currentdate-86400 show the date of yesterday.

  • TheAwesome98

    Quarior what about something like <t:[NOW]> that changes to the current unix timestamp once it hits the server, i also think operators are a good idea

  • Aru

    @Waylander is quite right, what I was originally asking for is still an improvement over their  current <t:epochtime> implementation. Essentially I want discord to do the conversion from human readable to epoch time for me. The way their feature works currently I have to find a time converter website, put in the time we want to meet for our next game, then copy and past that into their <t:> format.

    Their recently added event scheduler does this, but that's a lot of extra hassle to run through a wizard if you just wanted to send a quick message that says, lets meet by 6pm and start by 6:15.

  • LightBird

    want a function like this for weekly event time:

    convert(Mondays 9:30pm ET)

    when a UTC+8 user see date above, he can see: Tuesday 10:30am.

    Timestamp is for one time event and it's not enough to weekly relative date!

  • L0L2G00D

    Why are people downvoting fumG. not everyone knows that this unix time method exists, I only found it after googling and finding this forum and it's been very useful.

  • CursedReaper

    Just throwing another voice in support of this idea.  A few of the server's I'm in have started holding frequent events.  The event shows the correct time which is nice, but everybody talking or asking questions about the events post in their local time.  We have users from a few different countries as well as all the timezones in the US.  It would be super useful if we could use markdown or a /command so everybody was on the same page about times.  

  • Oliver F

    Maybe another go from a fellow developer perspective. I think implementing this full featured with a special syntax allowing for all kinds of transformations is kind of hard to get right.

    I'd suggest simply adding a first step which converts from sender-local to receiver-local. Yes, it should be marked as "generated" in a way to the receiver. This could be done by simply recognizing a few common and unambiguous time formats. (For example 3h is NOT. This can be a time difference a well) This would go a long way to help the casual users and is almost a USP, because I don't know of any other chat that manages to do this!


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