Move Members and Disconnect



  • Jakester

    This is huge! 

    I want my members to be able to move each other between channels but not completely disconnect users from voice channels.

    Please, make this happen!

  • Draaize

    That would definitely be a huge improvement !

  • Shiva_GG

    This caught me off-guard while managing a server. It will surely help to separate "disconnect" from "move members" permission.

  • Vel

    I definitely agree about this one, please make it happen so my "admins" can't just randomly disconnect people in voice channels.

  • CaptBinkie

    Bump.... Can we make this happen? This shouldn't be hard to make right?

  • douglinhas

    bump, pls. make this happen.

  • C0MM4ND3R D4V1S

    PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN DISCORD!!! Also make it so we can see who sees our messages in the server!

  • sabinbro

    If you really think about it, "Disconnect" is functionally the same as "Move to this empty channel". While I do agree that this should be a trivial thing to add, I don't really see it as having a useful purpose.

  • RoadTrain

    My god YES. I don't understand why these two are in the same catagory.

  • Ibis

    an upgrade to this would be allowing a specific role to move another role eg I want to allow people in user group 1 group to be able to move and drag people in group 2 but not group 3 or 4

    group 1 - users 

    group 2 - music playing bots/

    group 3 and 4 users 

  • Bartle

    It would be nice if I could move them from a text channel to another text channel

  • Star Wars Gamer


    I have a role in a discord channel that should allow me to move users in that channel but I'm not able to for some reason. Any fix to this?

  • sabinbro

    Star Wars Gamer Make sure that you also have the Move Members permission in the source channel. If you are moving someone from >General to >Private, you need the Move Members permission in both channels.


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