Role specific slow mode.



  • howlahmonkeh

    Also bumping this!
    Server-wide and role-specific slow-mode should be a standard feature by now!
    We server owners and admins need a quick-fire solution to mass spamming and raids (many of which involve multiple members (10-20+) attacking successive channels in turn, and our only response is to mute or ban individual users, or apply slow-mode to each single channel at a time, which just isn’t efficient enough to prevent such attacks before the damage is done.

    Please implement these features.

    Thank you Discord devs~

  • Jarred

    I am starting to believe that Discord staff don't even check all these great suggestions. I just had this problem this morning.

  • Trainer Paul

    I am just 1 of many people who are asking for this option.. why?
    In a group of people you will have a person who will just send messages, to who ? Absolutely no one. Over time people get irritated with having a slowdown and leave, if they hadn't already left because of one person who continue to fill the room with endless messages.
    Now the person hasn't said anything wrong by any rules, but this person needs to have a limit so others don't leave your server.

    Let's face it not all of us administrators can be one all the time, and deletion of a message that does not interfere with any rules would also not be what discord is about.
    So listen to all the others here including me, an individual slow down is needed, and not whole channels.
    Thank you for taking time to read this, but to also make positive changes that many others are having issues with.

  • Jakebp3

    We still haven't got this feature. I'm waiting patiently! 

  • RamboschnitteYT

    Yes, we really need something like that. You could do it like "Sir Waffles" showed it in the picture.

  • UncleSamoyed

    BUMP. This would be a great feature for mods to enforce rules without outright bans as well. If someone breaks rules, slow mode would get turned on for them specifically until a certain amount of time has elapsed. Bump Bump Bump

  • Shivesh08


  • 1Ninjacat

    Discord please

  • Saarth22

    Yep! We Need This ASAP!

  • squigz

    Some people just need to be slowed down. Come on, Discord

  • TheDevian

    This should have been the default. 

  • Kratos

    This feature is desperately needed! I don't know how this has gone this long without attention from Discord.

  • RedSigma

    I stumbled upon this thread and it seems even today it's not implemented. Please discord, add this feature because it would also make handling security and spam much better.

    For example there can be bots that check if 2 or more consecutive messages after a slow mode of 10 seconds for a specific role, spams the same message then it can be considered a bot and instantly kicked.

    In short it would make bots much more powerful with just a few changes.

  • Mothra

    I also strongly support this change. Role-specific slow mode would be very, very helpful for mitigating certain friendly but immature users, who we really would rather not TimeOut or exclude from channels but have resorted to doing just that for lack of other options.

  • Skipdip

    Yes, and please include the possibility of having it extend to the moderators and the owner. Its a good tool to get people to stop the frantic chat pace that happens when things get heated.

  • Sir Waffles

    Now would be the perfect time to add this. With multiple moderation updates such as verified moderators, timeouts, and the suspicious link warning revamp, this would be a great addition to the bunch.

  • Raicuparta

    I made a bot to simulate a per-role slowmode by applying timeouts after every message. Obviously with a lot of shortcomings but still:

  • David J

    Can we PLEASE get this added finally?


    VERY good explanation here....

  • Василий

    Bump! need this function


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