Multiple profile pics?



  • Koden X

    Can we have multiple profile pics for different servers (similar to nicknames) and call them masks?

  • 𝓕𝓪𝓵𝓲𝓼𝓱𝓪

    I feel if you could change your nickname without nitro on servers then changing your profile pic should be able to be done without nitro. It'd be rather helpful for people who rp on servers.

  • Spruce

    Please do NOT make this Nitro only. Yes, maybe more people would buy it, but this should be a base feature, not something locked behind a paywall.

  • Troy

    If anyone else finds this thread, here's the most widely commented- and voted-on request for server-specific avatars:

  • The.Nate

    Every game we play, we have a character that looks different. You have a different name in many online games. You apparently know this Discord, that's why you let us have a different name in each server. So why not a different picture. You see how many people want this and how long it's been requested. Why not do it? Or at the very least, give us an answer on it, explain why you can't do it or tell us if you're working on it.

  • BeastyBoss_303

    This would be a really good addition

  • MaddenMark | RDFL💎👑⭐

    Don’t make it just for nitro :(

  • Ravaga

    Add me as one more of the thousands and thousands of users requesting this feature!

  • Thunder

    Commenting to re-up this

  • Zaedah

    So I'm just curious, because a friend said it says it's available for Nitro, but it's not showing up for me and I have Nitro... sooooo....?

  • k !!

    @Zaedah the same thing happened to me, it said i could change it but idk where to find it

  • state

    we need this devs

  • Stepson

    That would actually be a good idea for nitro. More people would buy it

  • Koro

    If this would be nitro only i would agree.

    Give us more stuff for nitro.


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