Seriously... You've been ignoring this far too long.



  • Two

    idk what this means...
    If you have a specific suggestion you want to request... you can ask here.
    Discord is currently having API problems due to Google Cloud problems

  • Koro

    Are you implying discord has a Miner build into it ?
    Are you Mentallly Handycapped ?
    I have so many Questions about this post.

  • MurderousMe

    What it means is that they should write their own code instead of taking a big fat web browser and hammering it into a chat app. The way it is now, they can never make Discord efficient. I personally, could easily live without 90% of the "features" discord offers. I need to talk, type, and post a few links. With that in mind, it would probably be easier to add voice to a custom IRC client if building on existing code is a "must do". At least it would be resource friendly.

  • MurderousMe

    Also, a  genuine support method instead of public postings. I can't say I approve of this at all. Posting here will never amount to anything.

  • Sm0key

    This is your opinion, me and many other people like it how it is now, dont go thinking everyone will agree and just suddently the discord staff will do something about it. I am probably talking in the name of a lot of people when I say that discord is great how it is now.

  • cl0tCh

    I think this is more meant for the developer aspect. For the people that are using windows they wont experience the issues he si talking about. 

    Discord is not a native application, it is using chrome to run like native applications - but without the performance. We all know how chrome just is so hungry for RAM and CPU resources. For the users who doesn't have the resources to spare, they will experience lags and performance issues because of the huge demand discord need, which would result in performance decline in gaming aswell. 

    Windows users are in luck compared with mac users. Chrome is more compatible with windows which make discord run much better on windows compared to macs. Some mac users experience huge lags just by launching it.

    Most issues are happening thanks to the architecture its built upon, which is electron. i hope one day they ditch electron and develop discord natively. 


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