• Nex

    Whoa, I'm actually reading about a problem in real-time and not months later. This is a first for me. It doesn't solve the problem but at least I know it's not me!

  • SirNapkin1334

    You guys realize that some bugs are difficult to figure out the source of, right? Especially when relying on external hosts, sometimes the cause of a bug is not apparent if it relies on other services, so I'd recommend not whining about "just fix a bug how hard can it be!!!" or just try to figure out the cause yourself.

  • Swingly

    I bet this is happening due to Google's trouble with their services.
    Discord uses GCP (Google Cloud Platform) after all.

  • Matt_

    Confirmed, I submitted a ticket and they say they are working on it.

  • RedDucks

    @Maru it’s not a bad take, he was calling out the people who made comments like “utter pisstake” and “What a nonsense, just fix it already”. Those types of comments aren’t helpful or constructive and aren’t “making a bug report”

  • Merkwuerdigliebe

    Sane thing's happening to me, it says "we dropped the magnifying glass" no matter what I do

  • Elizabeth6133

    Having the same issue.

  • banana2


    this has been going on for at least 24 hours now

  • Festive Luna!~

    I am also having the issue of "we dropped the magnifying glass"

  • DrAphra

    same issue here 

  • Myrian

    Although I know they are working on it and I appreciate it, I would also like to add to this and say it is not working for me either. I understand if it will take a while to fix but for me it hasn't worked since yesterday, I got on after 4:00pm MST and it wouldn't work.

    I do thank them for their effort though.

  • TestAccount

    What confuses me the most is that I can use my bot's search method and it works fine xd

  • Sergio


  • liz the demonic cutie pie

    i really need this to get fixed so i can send out gifts for people that have told me what they want and where to send them that is so far back i need the search tool

  • Matt_

    Looks like Discord pushed out a Android app update but I cannot search yet. Anybody else?

  • rushowater

    me too! really need this back I use the search function so much lmao

  • ✧ⓁⒾⓍ✧

    Same issue here. Very frustrating. I thought it may have been because I change my name like most people change clothes, but nope.

  • Puppytine

    Search is finally working, but it isn't working properly -- messages from last three days doesn't show up in the results.
    Dear Discord team, please fix it, so all the replies could be searched. Leaving search as it is now is not acceptable.

  • FatSpidy

    I'm curious about your bot, lol.

    Anyhow, I've been having the problem as well. Noticed it at about 11pm or 12am EST Dec7. Was just checking things out when I happened past this topic .

  • Razboy20

    @TestAccount, that is because your bot uses discordjs or some framework, it doesn't rely on the same api that the search does.

  • wrench

    small indie company guys

  • xMarish

    Having issues on pc and android.

  • Pave

    Like said, this is most likely a host-side problem.
    So if one for example had their own archiving-engine via bots for example, that's why they search without any problems due their own local-archives.
    Thus the problem lies within Google or any other hosting companies Discord Inc is using.

    As for why say Google are having troubles, well, to put it simply: Google in overal has been "pisstaking" even more on casual-customers this year especially, especially this last past month
    ( Youtube Rewind 2019, COPPA-debacle, removing Google-search-result-sorting by date due "unreliability", making Chrome-browser even more cumbersome by removing quality-of-life-settings;
    basically as a whole Google has been in competition with various other companies for the worst company of 2019-awards
    ( this is not however to say that everything Google has been up to is bad. But unfortunately all the bad things they have been doing simply vaporizes anything good they have done, alongside these good things have been pretty much full-on "off-radar" generally speaking)).

    So I for one wouldn't surprised if some of the services of Google are under takedown-attacks.
    Or maybe this could be just yet another "tantrum pisstake" of theirs because "why not"...

  • Vespirit

    same here

  • 𝕯a𝚃✤Dollar

    Having the same issues

  • Jota

    as it probably isent news at this point, same here

  • Miramax

    Same, search function not working in our server

  • DoctorLuc

    Same here. I am a little relieved it doesn’t concern me only. I saw the website and it says everything is back to normal, so I thought it was just me.

  • OneSome


  • Cardinal System

    Same here. I was working on a bot which occasionally encountered OutOfMemoryErrors from running too many threads at once, and pragmatically spamming its help command to try and force an OutOfMemoryError (and thus located the source of the problem). Afterwards, my search stopped working.


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