Twitch Cheermote Emote Integration



  • Gemini

    I agree !

    Twitch is releasing this feature (bits emote) for affiliate since January, more and more people get them. It will be very cool to add them on discord as well.

  • RocksInMyGraveyard

    I just came here to make this exact suggestion. Does anyone know whether it's technically possible with Twitch's current API? If so, this would be really great.

  • norwegianMUFFIN

    Just uploaded bit reward emotes and wanted to find out if they'll be available on Discord too. And thats how I found this.

    So +1 from me.

  • Belkarama

    As someone who wants to utilize the emotes in this feature and enjoy the integration with server wide emotes it would be really nice for these emotes to also be eligible for syncing. I want my subscribers to get the most value possible out of their support for me so them not being able to use them right now is a bit of a shame :(

  • kaciestar

    I know this is a year old, but this feature still doesn't exist! Please add this feature in as I would love to have my Bit Emotes as a part of my Sub benefits on Discord as well without having to add them into my Discord server

  • Sydria

    Would also like to see this feature implemented.

    Uploaded my Cheer Emotes only to see they are not brought over by the Integration - a shame.


  • SkarletShadows

    2 years and it's still not added? ;o;

  • Söra

    Yes, please make this happen!


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