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  • R C N

    Hey this is the feedback server, 

    if you have any issue / bugs with the app pls report it Here



  • senqly

    I have problems to login in to my Discord-account.
    I know the password and the email
    From my account.
    But i ned a 2-fa code to log in.
    But i have no code

  • Sully

    I've been having a problem when it comes to logging in on the desktop version of the app. Anytime I do, even though I'm typing all my info in correctly, it says my login or password is invalid, and I'm forced to sign in using the QR code option. This just started today too

  • Radu Mereuta

    Having the same issue here.
    I reset my password and now I can't log into the desktop app or the phone app.

    I can only enter in the browser.

  • 𝓰 𝓛 𝓲 𝓣 𝓬 𝓗

    When I tried logging into my account on my phone, it says "login location detected". Then it asks me to check my email but it's not letting me in, please help.

  • K K

    Same for me. Discord has been doing this to me for a while now, it makes me angry and my feelings about the app are going down. I have to keep creating emails so I can make a new account but I get logged out. I hope this gets fixed, I'm very stressed.

  • Kookie

    I couldn't log in this day when i wanted to log in it said login or password is invalid and there was a red exclamation mark at the end of my email









  • kaneki

    It won't let me log into my main account it keeps saying reset your password but won't let me log in and when I press forgot password it doesn't send a email

  • TidePodMusical

    I’m having problems with logging into my account. It keeps saying my password and username is invalid. I finally just opted to change my password. However, although it said I successfully changed my password, it still won’t let me sign in. What is going on? I know my password; it’s the right password. Why can’t I sign in?

  • Elludea

    I've encountered the same problem. While I AM able to log in through my computer, it's not letting me on my mobile phone. Which makes no sense, given that the information is correct for both!!!! I've checked, re-checked, and triple checked!!! How can so many people have the same problem without any response from Discord? 

  • fxerie

    When i try to login to my discord using the username and password it says one of them are invaild. I then tried to use my email instead of username and it says it has detected a new location and to verify that its me by email so i verify and then it says the ip is expired and to login to my discord account to verify.

  • LuckyCharmJelissa

    same thing here i dont know what to do and im very worried i have all my old friends on here


  • jenuine

    are there any solutions yet


  • gif_28

    Same thing here it tells me login or password invalid. When I know my password is correct

  • It keeps saying my discord email has a new location and I'm panicking a lot, it's my only form of contact with my boyfriend and I don't want to loose him it's also caused a shit storm with my friend and now I just feel like shit

  • KobiSon

    @obeethethird - how did you fix it? Can not login on my computer or app, only can get on the browser.

  • obeethethird

    @KobiSon - I don't know actually. All i did was change the password and wait for about 30 minutes. I think the password update takes a while for the app.

  • Nonexistent San

    I had created this account as an alt for my main account if anything would happen to that account. I logged of my main and created a new account when I'm done setting up my alt I try to log back in to my main and even when I made sure I had the right credentials it had said they were invalid. I'm not exactly sure what I should do all I know is for now I have to continue on my alt.

  • Nonexistent San

    nvm I logged in with email instead of name and it worked


  • ✘ᴇʀʀᴏʀ ✘

    I tried logging into my discord after I logged out but it keeps saying "new login location detected. Pkease check your email." But I've tried everything. I rested my password and I tried the qr code and it still didn't work. I have 3 accounts and they all do the same thing.

  • sum sum

    I logged in the right data to my discord account and most of the time, it shows me an empty account. There's no username, no visible friends in the friends list, no messages, nothing. Can someone tell me what I can do?

  • Sloeber6969

    Can't login via the Discord app..... seems to be a general problem. What should be the solution?

  • Koda

    Ok so I’m trying to join a red dead online server and I have to put in my password and such and I’m putting it in correctly it’s said it’s incorrect but I went to look at the password on the list where all my passwords are saved at I put it in correctly multiple times and I don’t know what to do

  • jashawnMoney

    why are y'all commenting you having the same problem, the man/woman made this post to look for help!!!!! Like damn


  • Project_ReRise

    Because the more people ask for help, the more of a chance that we'll actually get it... hopefully...

    I've got the same problem too, by the way.

  • BB Litefoot

    same tho when replacing user name with email it worked for me to sign in n post this here!.

  • niamhk

    This isn’t even my account, this is my old one and i had a newer one that i used for months that i cant get into. it says my email is invalid, it won’t let me change the password, and sometimes it even says the new login detected thing. And i wouldn’t guess i was banned either :/

  • MrToffee25

    Guys same here , but Whenever I enter my password and login, captcha comes and then it takes me back to where I entered my password and clears the password and says "password is required". What to do , I am very tensed , it happened with my 4 accounts :( 

  • Ar_Nav

    Yup exact same problem as Mrtoffee25 and thatismahogany

  • jerrry

    Whenever I try to login I'm stucked at login screen it doesn't say anything


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