Ability to disable pseudo-WYSIWYG in input box



  • MDW

    I understand that people have a fear of markdown, but us developers would really love the ability to turn this off. It does not work as expected and causes lots of headaches. Slack just did this exact same thing and had to rollout the ability to disable it due to the backlash. Can you please follow suit?

  • Stringray

    Please be like Slack and allow us to turn off the editor! Pure Markdown is all power users need.

  • Jerl

    Well, about that.

    Very shortly after posting that, they implemented a setting for this.  I'm not sure why they never closed this ticket.

    It's in Text & Images > Text Box as "Preview emojis, mentions, and markdown syntax as you type".  It's listed as a beta feature, so it's possible the toggle wasn't made available to everyone, but I'm not sure why they'd make it impossible to opt out of a beta feature.


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