Go Live Extreme Lag



  • Veggie

    I've been having this same problem since Go Live was released.

    My internet speed is 100 up, 36 down, but regardless of whether I use WiFi, Ethernet, or even USB tethering from my phone's 4G connection, I experience the same problems. To clarify, my Ethernet port is directly on my motherboard, whilst my WiFi connection is from a WiFi card. I tethered my phone through a front USB port.

    My voice lags out entirely, my ping spikes to 200-500, and my stream is unwatchable, despite dropping the stream settings down to 480p and 15fps - which my connection can absolutely handle on other platforms. This happens on all games that I've attempted to stream, and it happens regardless of whether I select "Go Live" or "Stream Game".

    I don't ever experience frequent dips in internet speed, or ping issues in VCs and online game sessions. Go Live is the only thing my internet connection really struggles with; I don't understand why this is the case.

  • AdmrlSalty

    I have been having issues with the lag and image quality lately but noticed I had to pay for nitro now to uncap the stream?! I have fios and I run 600 up and down np and the stream is so jumpy it’s not even worth it anymore lol

  • decoh

    Same here, experiencing really strange lag with the go live. 600 down, 20 up. I can stream to Twitch without a problem. When I stream a game, the framerate of the stream is like a slideshow, and my audio becomes extremely choppy. Strangely enough, I can stream my screen (not game) without issue. 

  • Toxsin

    same problem still no fix?

  • Honk If You're Gamer

    The solution for me I found was to disable Quality of Service High Packet Priority in settings under Voice & Video because my Asus router was blocking the QoS packets. If you have an Asus router this may work for you, my friend had the same issue as soon as he switched to an Asus router and the router I use is an Asus one so I'm assuming it's a problem with Asus routers blocking QoS packets.

  • SwagBitch

    The solution from Honk If You’re Gamer worked for me. I was previously using a VPN to fix the issue.

  • Zetsu

    I've turned off the following option and it fixed my issue:

    -- Voice & Video:

    - OpenH264 Video Codec provided by Cisco Systems, Inc.

    - H.264 Hardware Acceleration

  • Sadillac

    Turning this off worked for me too.

  • ᴱᵗʰᵃⁿ

    i haven't been able to fix this issue and ive tried all of the above steps. I have even used beta and alpha builds of dicord to no avail.

  • Toxsin

    Here's how I fixed my issue. I have a lenovo legion that comes equip with a network priority load balancer (inside the lenovo utility control panel) in there it was set to detect my game automatically and reroute all the bandwidth to it. causing my streams to lag. if you have this feature try disabling it. hope this helps

  • owL. Tiger


  • Cosmicpixels

    Thank you so much Toxsin, same here resolved like you.

  • RazorFury

    Toxsin even i have lenovo legion but cant find the lenovo utility control panel could you help?

  • Toxsin

    RazorFury the proper name is "lenovo nerve center" software is for the Legion Y gaming laptops.  a quick search (winkey+Q) should find it 

  • Monkey

    Toxsin i also have a lenovo legion but the lenovo nerve center is not available for download anymore so how can i change the setting without the program installed?

  • Evisonny

    Monkey The program is called Lenovo Vantage now, and if it's compatible it should be on the main screen when you boot the program.

  • Broly

    For those of you that still have issues with the lag: Make sure to turn off all hardware acceleration in WINDOWS; like this one. That made my streams from pixelish and super laggy to super smooth.

  • moon.rune


  • LucidDreamer0322

    So I was just trying to help a friend of mine who was having this exact issue and we were getting extremely frustrated with pouring through guide after guide and getting nowhere.  He has a high end pc so combing through all of the performance tweaks to help was only aggravating us further.  He accidentally found the solution to his problem that wasn't listed on ANY of the articles/forums we read through.


    AFTER you have the stream open, in the little pop-up window the is the demo for your stream, click THAT settings icon and change your stream quality, for him it was changing from source to 720p.  


    It fixed his lag issue, but we couldn't even set it back to source to confirm as it requires a nitro sub.  From what I gather from that being the issue I will wager it has something to do with discord struggling to stream at your desktop resolution and setting a formed scale fixes their processing issue.


    Hope this helps you and any in the future to not spend the ungodly amount of time we did trying to figure this out.  Happy gaming! :)


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