Don't "correct" trademark symbol to emoji



  • IrradiateSpace

    The Discord webapp appears to replace U+2122 with the :tm: shortcode, which gets rendered as U+2122 U+FEOF.

    I second the notes above about how most emoji fonts render :tm: in black, which is unreadably low-contrast on the Discord dark theme's dark grey background.

    Further, I take exception to the idea that U+2122 and U+2122 U+FEOF are the same thing. For example, when talking about "Valve Time", "Soon™" has a much different meaning than "Soon:tm:".

    Discord Staff, please stop messing with people's message input. If I wanted to use :tm:, I'd type :tm:.

  • Wayhelm

    This, 10000%.

    There are many times when a unicode symbol is much more appropriate to the content of a message than the corresponding emoji.

    Please give us an option to never convert unicode symbols to emoji in our messages, similar to the option that prevents common smileys from being converted to emoji.

  • Something Fawful

    This used to, until recently on the browser app show :tm: as the Unicode symbol, not it renders as the Emoji which is impossible to see on the dark theme.  :tm: is thus now no longer functional for the purpose I was using it for.

  • Fighter_Builder

    This has been a pretty annoying problem for me, and it's honestly irritating that it still hasn't been addressed. While I don't use it in a professional sense (yet) and mainly use it for High Quality Jokes™, I still find the :tm: emote extremely difficult to read on dark theme, and I can see this being a very real problem for those who actually have a legitimate reason to use it. Please let us turn off this feature!

  • Fragment

    Please fix this - all my Brilliant Jokes™ are being rendered A Bit Stupid Looking:tm:

    Edit: Wow, I R IDOT - hey everyone, it's fixed! I even risked retinal damage to test it out in Light Mode!

  • OpCamTick

    had the trademark symbol render invisible but only on my mobile device, and I emailed discord about it. They say it's intended. Can't believe I won't able to see the jokes with that unless I am on light mode (which is a little stupid)

  • IrradiateSpace

    That's probably not something Discord has control over, unless they want to use a custom emoji font that works better on dark backgrounds than your device's default. Don't blame Discord; blame the Unicode Consortium who decided that ™ needed an emoji variant, and blame font makers for making colored characters instead of making characters that inherit the color of the text.

  • The Count of Monte Crisco

    Looks like the problem's back again. I wouldn't even be upset if you could actually read the emoji in dark mode.

  • Welt™

    I'd be upset EVEN IF you could read it. There's a different feel to the small unicode symbol on the corner of a message, and it's not even similar to the feel you get from an ugly emoji. Worst thing is, my name isn't affected, so why are messages?

  • circuit10

    If you put a backslash before the character it works

  • (Rain)

    My issue with the conversion of ™ (U+2122) to :tm: (U+003A U+0074 U+006D U+003A) (and vice versa on desktop) is that desktop only sees the symbol (never the emoji) and mobile only sees the emoji (never the symbol). (the emoji, by the way, is ™️ (U+2122 U+FE0F)) While this is good for some people's ability to easily access the symbol, this relegates a large portion of the userbase to only seeing the emoji, which (in my opinion) doesn't have the same effect as the symbol. I don't know if this is a Discord-specific "feature" or if it's Unicode's doing, but if the former, I think it should be changed to use the character the user actually put in.

    IrradiateSpace I know your comment is over 2 years old and you've probably already figured this out, but just so you know, there's no O (oh) in Unicode; it's 0 (zero), so it's U+FE0F.

    circuit10 This only works for Android; on iOS, it appears to render as ":tm:" (U+003A U+0074 U+006D U+003A) (however, copying the text will yield \™ (U+005C U+2122)).


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