Don't "correct" trademark symbol to emoji



  • IrradiateSpace

    The Discord webapp appears to replace U+2122 with the :tm: shortcode, which gets rendered as U+2122 U+FEOF.

    I second the notes above about how most emoji fonts render :tm: in black, which is unreadably low-contrast on the Discord dark theme's dark grey background.

    Further, I take exception to the idea that U+2122 and U+2122 U+FEOF are the same thing. For example, when talking about "Valve Time", "Soon™" has a much different meaning than "Soon:tm:".

    Discord Staff, please stop messing with people's message input. If I wanted to use :tm:, I'd type :tm:.

  • Wayhelm

    This, 10000%.

    There are many times when a unicode symbol is much more appropriate to the content of a message than the corresponding emoji.

    Please give us an option to never convert unicode symbols to emoji in our messages, similar to the option that prevents common smileys from being converted to emoji.


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