Hide Mobile Status Toggle



  • Wolfin

    Bumping. This feature was added ~1 year ago. We should have a toggle by now.

    I am against this for the same reason as I'm against typing indicators (or at least, for the ability to toggle showing/sending them). It's invasive, lets others know too much about what you're doing every second of the day. Pretty much just facilitates stalking, much more than it's an actual convenience for anyone.

    Privacy is increasingly rare in online services, probably because the more data you can coerce your users into providing, the more you know about how they use your service, the more you can provide that knowledge at a cost to those who are interested.

  • plain old ryan

    Absolutely my point in my (more comedic but truthful) introduction! I don't always want people to know I'm on my phone, because in most people's minds, it means "oh they'll respond even quicker since they'll get a notification."

    Whether or not I'm on my phone, I don't want all 100 Discord communities to know how I'm viewing Discord. It's not like they're serving me advertisements on Discord (luckily), so it serves no one any benefit to identify the device type I'm using.


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