Discord Naming



  • czarlie

    While I absolutely agree, that would be handy, it's already possible to add notes to people. Those of course don't show as their names but only if you click on the person, however I think that is kind of enough. Additionally, it would cause some trouble when someone changes their nickname. Which name is going to be displayed? Are you going to miss out on the *cool* new nickname your friend chose?
    So yeah, I think using notes is a better option

  • EmberVoices

    It's not like having an option for nicknames requires you to use it, and notes will still be there. I would expect nicknames to be an override regardless of what they change theirs to.


  • a rad cookie

    Agreed, but I wish it would be like, so you can still see their username, where it says:

    "Their Username (aka Real Name)"


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