Discord not working on my phone!!!



  • LASq

    It can show my DMs but not the servers I'm in. Plus it can't actually show any of the messages, wtf?

  • darctim

    Same for me, I un- installed it, cleaned my phone and reinstalled it. Now I can't login. Using android 9. On exactly the same phone as a friend, and on his I can connect...

  • SolsticeNuaAmhainaEile

    Discord has COMPLETELY stopped working on my Xiaomi Mi 8 Global, running Android 9.
    I can re install Discord, but as soon as I do and tap the Discord icon all I get is a 'blink' and no Discord whatsoever.

  • SolsticeNuaAmhainaEile

    I have no idea if it's an Android thing, or a MIUI 10 thing

  • Thanks finally we fixed it by setting the automatic time. It was manually set to 1 week in the future...
    A stupid thing in the end.

  • SolsticeNuaAmhainaEile

    Just tried again and still no joy

  • gxamuk π

    Since yesterday i can't login in my phone, please help

  • notAloli

    I connect with my 4g from the phone to the computer, and none of the 2 can connect to discord..... super weird.
    It works pefectly with my home wifi tf?

  • Sictricker

    Havent been able to connect on my phone for about a week now could really do with this being fixed. Works on home wifi but not on 4G. If I have a hotspot on my phone and connect my pc to it I cant connect on my pc either. This is really frustrating 

  • Dazzz12345

    Same problem here cant connect of 4g but can on wifi. Sent a message to the support team and haven't heard back

  • Beastlike

    I'm subscriber for discord nitro for years,and I'm doing that only to support platform that I love,and now I can't use it on my phone over the 4g or home wifi for weeks... Fix thix how you know it's rly frustrating that you didn't do anything so far bout this problem...

  • KillerRust

    How do i fix the black screen error.
    When every time i use or join a discord call and play a games while it's up.it suddenly goes black for few seconds go back to the game then go black and beyond.


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