Allow Bots to use Twitch Subscriber Emotes


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  • Wild ♥ Hufflepuff

    There's even two versions of this that I think would be fair to work:

    1) Server's own twitch emotes.
    If it's my server, and I've linked the server to my twitch channel so that people that subscribe on twitch can use my twitch emotes on discord, then certainly that's also letting Discord know that I have the rights to tick a box to allow a bot to be able to use them as well.

    2) Discord Bot intergration with Twitch
    A normal Twitch user can link there discord with Twitch to allow them to be able to use any emotes they have for subscribing to twitch channel so long as they're also in the streamers connected discord server. If we allow bot account to also connect to a twitch user like this (many of us have a bot account that subscribes to our twitch channel) then they would get permission to use out emotes from also then being in our discord server.


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