New update (iphone)



  • Chaoticsaur

    I’m so sick of them changing the UI around. They still haven’t addressed the awful bar they’ve added at the bottom, and now they’re ruining the side bar as well.

  • Lucky der Hesse

    Exactly, now DMs look so terrible. Discord was honestly such a perfect app for me until all of this stuff? Like seriously dare I even say Skype did better? It all looks so messy I just want it to be reverted back to how it was or at least have an option for like the millions of people that are getting ignored that hate the new UI. Really a shame discord won’t listen. I expected better for a company that claims to care about their users.

  • Comet

    The update is so bad that I’m thinking of turning off auto updates because I’m afraid of how much worse it’s gonna get.

  • Lucky der Hesse

    Exactly, It’s so disappointing that it’s come to this point and even more disappointing that they refuse to even acknowledge it

  • ember

    I almost left with the last ui change. do they not realize that most of their users are tired of the ui updates? ig not which is sad really


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