Is it possible to get someone's user ID if they have left your server?



  • Waryth

    There's always a random welcome message when someone joins a server by default. The person who joined in has the ability to remove it to leave no trace. I assume you don't have the welcome message of that user that opens a hyperlink to his/her profile and get the user ID.

    You can always search for that user's previous messages to view profile and track him/her. If not then this is why bots are a secondary necessity for logging players especially when some bots store data about that person like the ones that uses level up system like Tatsumaki bot and so forth.

    If all mentioned above are no use then its best if you get assist from support directly to get the logs you need as many info they provide as they have access to mostly everything and explain yours stance regarding about child predator or a raider.

    To sum it all up, its possible provided your server has the means to do it.

  • $$

    Check the audit logs. If you know when they left they should be listed in there.

  • PiggyPlex

    It's sad to hear that, however please note that this side of the documentation is for API suggestions and requests, as opposed to support in general. If you need help, please either contact Discord's Support Team, or please try a crowd-helping platform, such as StackExchange, or if you are wanting a code-related response, try StackOverflow.

  • Check the audit log, pretty sure it’ll be there


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