Do Not Disturb Time Limit



  • Barni

    Hey folks at Discord 🙋🏻‍♂️

    Could you do this feature please? I think and not just for DND, but also the other built-in states (invisible, offline, online). 

    I would make a lot of sense, since you can already to that for custom status. I think it's a lot better than me having to remember and manually set it back. E.g.: now working from home, it would be great to say, "don't disturb me until <end of your work day>" or "let me nap in peace for 4h" (and then do you best to help me get up pls 🙏🏻). 


    Jokes aside, I think this is a feature that would make a lot of sense. 

  • Ray Benefield

    I'd like to echo the importance of this. It was one of my favorite features in Slack. I have ADHD and ALWAYS forget to take myself off of Do Not Disturb.

  • IridescenceDeep

    4thd! It makes no sense to have to go through all your active servers and mute them for an hour each when you want to get some work done when you could just go DND for an hour.

  • MikeCroPhone

    I'm here to give my support as well. This feature would be very much appreciated.

  • Know You

    How is this still not implemented? Why is nobody upvoting this?

  • Spectrous_

    I would love this. I'm in school half the day but after school I forget to turn DND off. But when I have online during school, I get pinged too much. I'm all for this.


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