Chat in Overlay Mode (Acessibility Sugestion)



  • Sory

    Amazing idea, I would love to implement this since I also have the same problem...

  • Alipoodle

    Hi there I'm a little confused by this suggestion, Discord Overlay already has a Chat based text communication which can already be used within the came.

    The window can be ditched from the Server list by clicking the Pinned icon and can be displayed within the game.

    Clicking ] or whatever keybind you set will open the chat while still in game allowing you to type a quick message to a friend.


    More information please see the full Game Overlay 101 from Discord

  • Nigh

    Yes, you're right. However this function only works on server channels but not in group calls from what I saw. But, good to know. thanks for the info.

  • Alipoodle

    The feature does work in Servers, DMs and Group DMs.
    I don't use Group DMs much but from my few usages of it (some within last few weeks) overlay works fine

  • Arconte

    Great idea


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