Game activity suggestion



  • Aeon1704

  • Jammerlee

    Yeah, something like that would be perfect!

  • Aeon1704

    'Default 'Show in Status' toggle position for new games' determines if newly added games will have 'Show in Status' toggle in On\Off position when added into Game Activity list.

    'Show in Status' toggle determines if respective game will be shown in status or not, if that game is running.

    Easy and simple.

  • cyberdecker

    Yes, this would be incredibly helpful.  I have some apps that are actually coming up as "Verified" but it's not what it thinks it is. 

    For example, I use a mouse/keyboard sharing app called Synergy which it thinks is a game called Synergy.  There is nothing for this thing to stream or display.  It's problematic for a few reasons:

    • This is detecting a thing that's not a game.
    • This is saying it's "verified" but by who?  This doesn't make me trust "Verified" at all if it detects the wrong things.
    • I can't disable this so for me, it's always running.  I have to turn off this feature entirely.

    Being able to disable some of these things individually would be helpful.

  • plus

    I really need this kind of privacy feature too.

    But instead of auto detecting the game first, let us have "manual mode" where games arent auto added and we manually add it to the list.

    Then we can have individual config like suggested above.

    Currently we can either show all or dont show at all. Something more customizable is needed.

  • Blatzk

    I recently got myself VR and now Discord constantly shows me playing a differnt game, either "Steam VR", "OVR Advanced Settings" or "YUR" and only sometimes the game I am actually playing, like "Half-Life: Alyx" or "Beat Saber".

    If I play a game like Half-Life: Alyx or Beat Saber for 2 hours, I want that to be shown in Discord for the 2 hours I play and not showing of one of the three VR features/softwares for that time. I'd really like to turn off the game activity shown for the first three things named before since they are not a game I play but features/softwares of VR.


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