Reporting someone needs to be streamlined and easier


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    I have had serious qualms with the report system, and have had bad experiences attempting to report suicide and other bad things going on, only to be met with poor results, if any at all. I have also heard from first hand accounts of SEVERE harassment issues being virtually ignored unless the victim flashes the fact they have deep connections with important people.

    I am sure the average person working Trust & Safety is doing their best and means well, but it seems like there is a disconnect and has never been connected, I see people's account go down for various reasons but I've never seen someone get mental help or someone turn around a server, it's always something or someone getting blasted and that's about it.

    Maybe my particular experience poor, and it's not as bad for some others, but I totally agree that the system is a tad complex and leaves room for error.

    When I used it, I would get as much as I could, including message and channel id's as per instruction, and add context ques and explanations and all that, giving them as much as possible. There should have been no doubt or reason for them to ignore the issue, yet nothing changed.

    I literally once reported someone posting a live leak style death video and yet, it stayed up for the several month duration of the server's life, which was later deleted for an entirely unrelated reason. The owner did it herself, and it had nothing to do with the nasty things in that NSFW channel. Which even had minors on it.

    The idea that gets ignored even when I go through all the hoops and even above and beyond is a little eye opening, either they are far over worked, or something wasn't working properly at the time. Maybe I got the wrong Ids somehow?

    I don't know, but it seems a little weird. I think there should be some level of complexity in doing this since it helps prevent 2 year old trolls and hate spam of reports for vengeance against someone innocent, so it needs to require real evidence and not just screen shots or be too simple.

    But clearly, something is a little too off currently and I would love to see changes to try and sort that out. How about each report being a different form factor, instead of harassment and suicide being the same exact format, why not do some things slightly differently so each situation is treated accordingly? Faster responses to suicide for example makes sense, where someone being a troll could stand to wait most often.

    Ill stop ranting at this point but I would love to see updates, I am sure you guys are doing your best with what you have but its not always working so lets see what else could be tried! Discord is great, but a better report system could make it greater.


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