Replace names of Subreddits and Reddit Users



  • ben221199

    Maybe they should both replace u/ben221199 (without leading slash) as /u/ben22199 (with leading slash)

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  • Fyssion

    This is Discord, not Reddit. I doubt Discord will add this, as this is a Reddit-specific feature. Just like how Reddit won't automatically add an invite embed when a Discord invite is sent:


    I totally agree with you that this should be a feature, but I'm afraid it just won't happen.

    There are bots out there that do this for you, however. One of them, Reddit ReLink, is a bot I developed. It detects Reddit links and automatically sends an embed with basic info about the sub/redditor (as well as a link to it). This isn't exactly what you're describing, but it's probably the best alternative as of now.

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