Improve GitHub webhooks for releases



  • Woeler

    Native Discord/Github webhooks in general could use an overhaul. Many of them are quite ugly and missing a lot of information. Look at the screenshot below, this is posted when you close an issue. The message is ugly and doesn't use the very many embed options Discord actually has.

  • Andre_601

    To be fair @Woeler, what should they show there? Closing an issue doesn't really give that much info to display. Like at most could they also show who closed it. And since comments on issues (including those send when closing an issue) are separate embeds for webhooks, would it not make sense to display those within a "Issue closed" message.

  • Noggog

    Would definitely love a more rich Github webhook setup.  Specifically, adding descriptions to the release hooks would be awesome

  • OroArmor

    Yes, please! This is exactly what I want for my discord server!


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