Discord profile pictures



  • Pargus

    My thoughts exactly. Amino app has it and it would be good to have this in Discord too.

  • Warchant l Ricky

    Was about to make the same request until I saw thi sone.

  • Caue113

    I got the same idea tho, it'd be very helpful since I have like 3 servers with different personalities, including 1 for RPG which would be awesome if i could keep my main prof pic in any generic group and customized ones on meme/role play groups.


  • ODST_Marine24

    I agree, I was about to suggest this until I saw you already had. I have 3 different D&D servers that I would like to have my character as my profile picture, and then my default picture for my other normal servers.

  • LadyStarrick

    Wholeheartedly agree with this, would be nice to have such a feature!!

  • Racci

    How has this not gotten more upvotes? Yes, PLEASE, Discord! Make this a feature!! Even if it's only available to Nitro users. I believe a lot of people would be willing to pay for it if they're not already a Nitro user.

    I've been in several servers where all of the server admins have the server logo as their PFP (in different colors that matched their role - looked really nice) and it was soooooo awesome to be able to immediately distinguish staff from everyone else in the chats. I'd like to do the same thing in one of my servers, but I'm not going to ask people to change their PFP just for the one server.

  • Speedist

    I just got done suggesting this idea to my friends, It would be very neat for someone like me who wants to make a profile picture to fit the theme of the servers I'm in! please make it a thing Discord Devs!

  • Izuru Kamukura




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