Clear custom status on server



  • Jack

    Since that's stored per users and not per servers, you probably won't be able to modify (clear) the status, but I can imagine a server setting for completely disabling custom statuses. I think a toggle for that would be a good idea, maybe even more fine control, like "Show all statuses" || "Disable custom statuses" || "Disable all statuses"

  • Doc McStubbins

    I have the same concern on my server. We have about 1,000 members, and we have a few strict speech guidelines. Sometimes a status conflicts with those rules. I would love the option to disable it for specific people, however that seems like it wouldn't be possible(referencing Jack's comment above), as they are stored per user. The ability to toggle custom status would be the next best thing. Shame for the people using it effectively though. 



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