[Feature Request] Favorite Emojis, Hide Emojis in menu



  • tawniey

    100% support! I've been wanting a feature like this for ages. The current "frequently used" category is great, but incomplete.

    To illustrate with an example as to why— There are emojis that I like using in certain situations (my own "stock reactions" if you will), but because the context where I'd use that emoji comes up less frequently than contexts where I use other miscellaneous ones, they fall out of the "frequently used" category and back into the depths of my many servers' custom emoji banks where I have to type it by name to use it with ease.

    And, like all automated "frequently used" ease-of-access features, it becomes an infinite loop. Those emojis are easier to get to, so they're used more often. Then they stay there, whether or not there's one I might prefer to replace it with. Having pins or favorites for emojis would solve that well!


    Hiding is just as important of a feature, honestly, if not doubly so for a system where server managers are the ones in control of what emojis you get for the server (and you always see those first), rather than the individual. I can't tell you how many times there's been a custom server emoji that's bothered me to no end. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I'll never personally use it. But, if it isn't my server, I have to see it up front and center each time I click into the emojis tab to react.

    If I can't control the emojis available to me on other peoples' servers, I'd at least like to be able to hide the emojis they assume will be useful/relevant when they aren't.

    As an extrapolation to this— for those of us with Nitro, it'd even be nice to be able to sort all emoji in a custom order altogether. Whether just arranging server emojis outside of where the server is on our list, or burying a server's emoji under the default ones. A bit more of an undertaking, I'm sure, but just a thought!

  • Sizeable Michael

    Also asked for this for months. Sick of typing :monka and scrolling through 80 emotes. Also now twitch has gone and done it so there’s no excuse.

  • Taelen Vashkareeth

    I actually came here to ask for the same thing ,I am tired of having to search through 5000000 emojis to find the one I'm looking for, so why not let us have fave emojis? the recently used thing is good and all but i have more emojis i like to use than have place there and search the feature is really useful when I'm trying to pull out an emoji that the server mods named :28975920: instead of something sensible, you know?

  • rachaelly

    I would love a feature like this. I love Discord but this aspect of it drives me crazy. Anytime I have to clear my data/cache, I log back into Discord and there's the poop emoji again >:(


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