Server-Specific Avatars, please



  • argent_

    Would love this. I slap my face on every flat online surface, but some of my friends are only comfortable using their real face as an avatar in communities where they feel comfortable and among friends; server-specific avatars would allow them to use that in smaller, tighter-knit servers.

  • ProSlimer

    I would love this because I feel the same as the comment above. I would like a more professional looking avatar for some servers, such as ones focused on school or scouting. But I would like a more fun avatar for my gaming and online friend groups. 

  • adiraslatt

    I also just want to give off different vibes to different communities I am in, or reference specific things in games etc

  • Troy

    If anyone else finds this thread, here's the most widely commented- and voted-on request for server-specific avatars:

  • CelticMoonShine

    There are requests for this dating back to 2018. This needs to make it into upcoming updates, especially considering that during this time of social distancing there are classrooms being run through Discord. If a teacher wants RL images for Avatars that means one either shows every server they participate in what they look like or theyre forced to create secondary accounts to protect their identity.


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