I can't get access to my account on Discord!



  • HighGuy

    I cannot log I to my discord, my poe account. Nothing. If this is about my race, I'm glad to off my self just so you dont have to actually do anything for my kind.

  • WILL

    Same i lost access to my email for my account and I cant login because I'm already logged in?!

  • wol0fperson

    same i lost 1 acount and now I'm losing this one to the heck man 

  • johnk

    I have lost my personal account and now I can't get back in to discord

  • All I know is that I can't get in since I got logged out from changing my password and when I out it in it just said "Login or password is invalid" and I was just panicking not knowing what to do

  • .M.K.

    Yhh I lost my account it was khari75 but am logged in so I can't be able to access my main one


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