Security option to disable QR code login for your account



  • lizzkitt3h

    Adding to this: I'd like to also see it disabled *on default* so it's an opt in as opposed to the standard measure. We should have an option to allow users being able to access our accounts in this manor, because some of us are not likely to ever use it. 

  • DYME

    I agree with all the sentiments in this thread so far. As someone who uses 2FA, I believe we should AT LEAST have the option to disable the QR code login to further lock down and protect our accounts.

  • PEB

    I agree. Enabling 2FA and then this QR code login method is just totally inconsistent.

    And, not addressing this post for a year with at least an acknowledgement or a won't address message sends a bad message regarding how much you care about your user's security.

  • D0ublek1ll

    I too agree with the statements above. Security is important and this feature completely undermines the availability of 2FA.

  • PAT

    Just activated 2FA and was pretty bummed when I found out that the QR code skips 2FA.

    Discord, please fix this, this is unacceptable.


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