Mixer integration



  • MissBlueEyes

    I 100% agree that Discord needs a Mixer Integration just like twitch has! Mixer is continuously growing and this would be a huge help.

  • MegaMasterX


  • Klammath

    Looking back through twitter and feedback on Discord's feedback section, there's a few years worth of this question with *always* the same answer from discord "Sorry, that's not on our radar right now. It'd be great to add that as a suggestion on our feedback forum though!"

    I suspect this is because Microsoft has not worked with Discord to make this happen. Just wish there would be something more available to understand this process and where it stands.

  • BlockSamurai

    It'd be awesome if this could be a thing... I'm in a group of streaming friends and everyone will show that they're streaming on Twitch cuz discord and Twitch are connected. Meanwhile I'm over here on Mixer, wishing mine would show up too.

  • Vyve

    It was stated 7 months ago that Mixer would have to reach out to discord for this to happen.

    Really hope something is done soon because this is a vital feature for Mixer streamers like myself.


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