Blocked Messages Be Actually Blocked!



  • mal2003

    I moderate a small server and I've blocked a user there since they harass me through DMs. I mainly use Discord on mobile. Can there be an option where users are blocked from DMs while still having readable messages?

  • Cheesecake~

    To Cailope, I only use mobile discord mostly so oof, sorry my guy. And Mal unfortunately idk, but thats what it used to be on mobile and tbh im glad its gone

  • queen

    I don't even care that Discord's broken block feature is useless because it shows me "X blocked messages" over and over. I care because the user can SEE WHAT I AM TYPING IN GROUP SERVERS. That is NOT okay. I get it, the major issue is that mods/admins need to be able to see all users messages within their servers, but that should be a permission, NOT a reason to stop the block function from functioning as a true block.

    If the issue is really that mods/admins might be blocked by users who can then go wild, make it so that mods/admins can see all messages regardless of blocking, and if a user wants to block them, they'll have to leave the server. I see no issue with that at all. You shouldn't be in a server if you're being harassed by a mod anyway.

  • foxprime

    The other issue with this is that a blocked message *still counts as an unread message for notifications*.  That is *COMPLETELY USELESS*.

  • Asherett

    And for gossakes let us block FRIENDS without removing friend status. Since friend status is what enables DMs in Discord

  • Ripley Riley

    I swear I see this pop up all the time. It has been requested by the community for years now. When I block someone I do not want to see their messages anymore, not even the little "X message(s) blocked".

  • Natalia Philulanie



    This, exactly this!


    The Discord people know this but don't really seem to care all that much, the blocked offenders know this and seek to thrive on it, and the way blocked messages show nowadays is much worse because of that "we beg you pretty-please with sugar on top to read this blocked message" button simply shown as "show message".

    At the very least, we should have the option to totally *disable* the "show message" function. Ideally, there'd be another option for also hiding "x blocked messages", too.

  • Yee-Haw-PoonTang

    A block should work on both ends as well. If someone is blocked, there is a good reason. Sometimes when you are part of a server, there are people you do not want to talk to and in turn you don’t want them seeing your presence as well. (Ex: stalking and harassment. Say, a user is Compiling screenshots of of someone else who has that user blocked. ie: the blocker would not be able to see that persons messages, but the blockee can see all messages the blocker sends in the server, thus completely throwing away the point of the block feature) this has been an issue for years, and it’s time for discord staff to own up to it, and implement a different blocking system. Possibly a soft block (what we have now) and a hard block (blocked from both sides)

    As for the issue of blocking mods, if a mod is blocked in a server, the blocker should most likely be kicked from that server anyway.

  • foshizzle

    Yes! Please actually do this! You do so much stuff but can't add this simple thing? Pathetic.

  • water bottle

    mal2003 you can turn on settings so only friends can msg you, then unfriend them 

  • The Real Rumblebum

    14 blocked messages-Show messages

  • Antonin

    I agree with full blocking features :

    - don't see again any message from a blocked account. No messages in room channels, no messages in DMs

    - blocked users don't see any message from you also, in the exact same ways

    - allow friend blocking (and rename the 'friend' link if the semantic don't suit the decision makers from the Discord company)


    @Executive and decision makers from the Discord team :


    - stop telling lies. The technical challenges for such features are totally achievable.


    - if it pleases you, go for more user choices about block settings


    , but choose total block over your current fake block-system.


    Don't fear uneasy communications on chat rooms, because this enhances prudence and care from users


    , the current way dramatically enhances aggressive behaviours and public dramas.


    , and it is badly injuring people (a vast majority of discord users are people struggling with social behaviours) forced to get personal and public aggressions when they need protection.



    You Discord Team decision makers are as weak as people suffering from this.

    Grow some courage about facing the true challenges : new community behaviours. Because technical challenges will be overcome.

    Don't be weak, be strong and be good.

  • Sinshine

    The block feature in its current implementation is completely useless to me. I block people because I don't want to see their messages, which often is spam. But Discord still keeps notifying me that someone wrote something somewhere by lighting up the server/channel so I have to look. I just want it to keep quiet about the people that annoy me, not constantly be told "hey a person whose messages you don't want to see just wrote a message here!"

  • xbot

    Fully in support of this. It should be possible to set a block to be a "full block", showing none of the user's activity.

    As-is, the block feature has extremely limited use, and has no use whatsoever against many types of abuse e.g. spamming idiots.

  • Pablito

    What is your reason for doing such a simple thing? Is your goal to want people to fight? DiscordAppUser @discord @discordapp

  • Lundrik

    Seriously you guys STILL haven't fixed this? Like what do you people even do?

  • BCG

    We just talked about this in our Python Class and even my teachers says its possible, easy and makes discord look super lazy. 

  • RoyBatty

    They refuse to implement it because of some moral high ground stance, instead of making something that IRC has literally had since 1988.

  • Natalia Philulanie

    And what stance would this be? There's literally no real reason not to add this...

  • Zombie_Siris

    RoyBatty: It can't possibly be a "Moral high Ground Stance", since it 100% enables cyberbullying, empowers the trolls and bullies, and is harmful to Discord as a whole.  My conclusion is that the developers or middle-managers must be trolls themselves, if they are digging in this hard to resist such a basic functioning block function. 

  • RoyBatty

    Zombie_Siris: LOL

  • Addie

    Discord already passes in a blocked flag that alters the CSS to wrap it in a container that can be expanded.

    All they need to do, is create a setting to hide messages, and have the blocked flag remove the object in CSS instead of display it in a wrapped container.

    From there, instead of passing the message into their expand view, you just pass it to "display: none;"

    With implementation, notes, testing, reviews and dev team approval it would take about 2hrs to implement fully.

    This person has no idea what they are talking about.

  • Ryan

    Addie This is good news and bad news. Good news: Discord can do this easily. Bad news: They haven't done it for a very long time. Why Discord doesn't at the very least give you an option to fully hide blocked messages is completely beyond my understanding.

  • Lord Milutin

    Please add this feature so it can work like on Facebook. If someone is blocked they should be blocked, not putting messages in expand the line.

    They shouldn't be able to read our messages nor we should be able to read theirs.

  • Rian Quenlin

    Discord will only change this if a prominent person of minority status writes an article about it on a ragebait site and how it's "triggering" and "misogynist" and "racist" and "transphobic" and "problematic".

  • Fierce Vinegar FLOW™

    is there really not a mod that lets this be possible, im fed up of seeing blocked people on my log 

  • Sinshine

    They don't care about fixing the actual things that affect us. Instead they keep changing @mention colors and reaction backgrounds - the really important things, you know?

  • [Banned]

    Seriously please. I legit have something wrong in my brain that forces me to open the blocked messages every time. I can’t stand having easily accessible information in front of me, I will open it no matter how stupid or infuriating I know it will be. If I can’t access the info, there will be no issue. Especially if they just straight up hide it completely so I won’t even know there is hidden info.

  • ゼロフィアメイデン

    No, this is great. Are you kidding me?

  • Sugarbun

    Bumping this because I really agree, I'd love some kind of "Super block" feature


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