Sign Out of all Devices



  • Suki

    I would also really love for this feature! 

    It's really good to keep your account safe and love when services provide this.

  • X_EpicNeZz_X

    Can this feature be added to the computer discord as well, as i am unsure of where my phone is, but can still access my computers discord trying to log out

  • bananarayna

    when u change your password, it logs u out of all devices right?

  • MickeyTheGypsy

    Was just looking for this. Surprised it doesn't exist already!!

  • Ōishi

    This is indeed a needed feature.

  • soup

    Please add

  • sikachu

    Seconded @bananarayna's suggestion. Just to be clear, since it seems like no one saw our comments:

    *** When you change your Discord password, it will kick your other devices out ***

    I just tried changing the password on my account and indeed when I try to access Discord on my other devices it kicks me back to the login screen.

  • kamidisturbed

    Would like to buy nitro, but i'm scared that i leave my account signed in on a loan device because i do this a lot in my workplace. I work with gaming events and coaching so i use lot of different laptops and gaming desktops with discord. Please add this feature.

  • TruthfulPanda

    desperately need this as I have reason to believe there is someone else viewing my account

  • infinity

    Upvoting and attempting to bring request back to life. It's 2021 and almost any major social platform let alone any website or application has this feature. There should be an options for users to both view the device and IP or at the least location of all logged in devices, and be allowed to forcefully sign out them either the selected one or all of them. 

  • KATO

    I agree that this needs to be an option however for those who just want to make sure they are safe you do always have the option to change your password which DOES log you out of everything.

  • OPO

    There is actually a way you can do this now. If you delete your account it will log you out of every device. After you have deleted the account you can use your 2FA code to restore it instantly.

  • Pro stitch yute

    bruh i dont see no optio 

  • Nagisa Momoe

    This would be appreciated, especially for paranoid users such as me.

  • sikachu

    There's no such button now but, again, just go ahead and change your password. It'll log you out on all of your other devices.

  • Little_mac


    that actually works i would like to log out all my tokens that someone might guess, i have logged in to discord allot

  • finitr0n

    I wouldnt trust the password changing method, had a breech on my wifes account and I could still access chats and servers on her laptop after she changed her password via her tablet. You have to reenter the password to make account changes but it wont log the other device out. I was also still able to access her account after she disabled the account and re-enabled it, as long as the second device does not try to access the account while its disabled it will still be logged in after the account is re-enabled.

  • Luxter77

    How is it possible that this is not a feature yet.

    I would love for it to exist! it is a critical feature!


  • iSoar

    OPO that is true, but that's time taking.

  • TenZiwnl

    To log out of all other devices, just change your password on your main device. All other devices will be automatically logged out.

  • aikobuny

    you should add it, i don't want other people to breach victim's privacy.

  • Mike&Ike

    This needs to be a feature, most social apps have it so I don’t see why discord shouldn’t considering it’s largely used. Only thing I’d say is to make it ask for a 2FA code so a random person can’t log you out remotely.

  • riche

    yess i would very much appreciate this!!

  • XO


  • Dabo


    Per an earlier comment, this has been reasonably fixed, now. If you change your password, it now logs out all other devices. It didn't used to do that.

  • Void

    Bump. needed

  • Spinkyt

    Bump. I'm pretty sure me being a member of a server I don't remember joining was the result of some Authorized Apps I signed up for years ago and forgot to turn off, but it would still be nice to get rid of any sessions lingering out there and force some 2FA-based logins in case it is actually compromised credentials.

  • Kasaman

    Can't this be added already please ? Discord is sure the best communication software but with this it will become even better

  • MooTwoo

    I seem to can't find that button, can someone help me?

  • trumpetboy77

    @MooTwoo it’s non existent as of right now


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