Option for ability for Disable download the sent media files for specific roles



  • $$

    I would love to have this, it is much needed since one server i run has a bot that requires people to type "agree" in a certain channel to be given the role that allows them to send messages, but i have it set to allow them to read some channels without being able to write because they haven't agreed to the rules


  • viii

    YOOOO my server needs this! Please make it happen Discord T__T

  • Outmageous

    i was just searching to see if this is possible. seems not. Please do make this happen Discord T_T

  • Lucifer_82

    Hi, this is indeed what i'm looking for for my server

    it would be perfect if it were to work for pictures as well 😁

    PLS make it possible

  • Kata Schuyler

    The community I'm trying to build would benefit greatly from this feature. I want to be able to provide videos to watch on discord but as a paid membership, but the purpose is defeated if someone can just subscribe, download the content, and then unsubscribe.


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