function to prevent someone from downloading a photo



  • Shanie

    So they'll just take a screenshot...?

  • Pure Paradox

    Couldn't they just screenshot or use element inspector? I don't think there exists much you can do.

  • 경빈_
    The purpose of this proposal is to protect minimum privacy. We can't stop individual screen captures, so we can prevent the leakage of photos and files to some extent through a system-level method that prevents them from downloading directly. Thank you for advise
  • Varsvir

    There is a difference in screen shot and original photo. I agree there is a difference between intent and intentional. Having a setting creates a standard for a server to say we support the artist. Do not steal their work. The standard is the intent. finding a way around that standard becomes someone's intentional act of theft and remove/banning from the discord. 

  • Varsvir

    I would be very happy to see a function to disable image saving by users. Again it just helps set the standard of artist support and property security. This does not fully prevent theft. A person's character does that not a law.


  • Jay Woolwine

    Similarly, I'd love to have a feature where we can prevent users from downloading videos.  Anyone have an idea on how to do that?


  • PUB_Rubix_Qubert/Josh

    Would love some measures to maintain privacy as well. Especially if I am protective of my works, and others.


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