Active Now Tab, Toggle ON/OFF Option-



  • Chimera

    Can we please lose the "Active Now" feature?  I am in a private server and don't want someone to just "go to the server" to see what's going on in there.  Some of those messages in that server have to do with my work, not exactly something I need just any random "friend" to be able to view!  Why would you make invasion of my privacy a thing in discord?  Wasn't Skype bad enough? You had to top it?

  • Autumnmane

    Personally I find the Active Now tab really invasive as well as taking up far too much space.

    I don't want to creep on what every single person in my mutual servers is doing, especially when they have no way to opt out of displaying it and I have no way to toggle the tab off.

    Like many people have said, we already have a perfectly good way to display what games/apps we're playing, and it's one we get to actually opt in or out of. I don't see why this tab is necessary at all, let people have some privacy, Discord isn't Facebook, geeze. 

  • Reaper666735

    it should be an option for the users to use, not forced onto us with the obvious privacy loophole and data telemetry -_-

  • Regardless

    Yeah, I wanna disable it, like, really, I don't need to watch what other people are playing or watching really
    I couldn't care less 

  • Earl

    I have completely given up on Discord devs fixing any issues. There have been requests for YEARS, some with THOUSANDS of votes and they still haven't moved on it. Things like this or Minimum Window Size.

    All the devs are about now is adding more paid features and telemetry.

    Discord has grown into another data-mining company that gives zero Fs about its users.

  • Regardless

    I feel like I'm walking naked on a street
    My life has nothing that is private anymore
    So I 💯 percent agree with you

  • Izumo Kousaka

    Why is this still not a feature? The Active Now tab needs a toggle on/off mode. It is useless to my experience of Discord.

  • Buttonman

    This 'feature' is pure garbage...apparently discord hires pure garbage devs.


  • CatInvader

    Still waiting for this to be implemented.  -__-

  • zoe

    Here's a tip for anyone who wants to hide the tab. After scouring the internet I realized that ol' reliable adblocker plus could easily do the trick. Once you have the adblocker plus extension, simply click on it while on the discord homepage, press "block element" and then hover your mouse over the active now tab and select. You can basically use this tool to hide anything on any website. Pretty handy.

  • LionessLtd

    Still hoping and waiting for a solution or toggle on/off for this option, when using the app you can not block it as suggested. Works great for browser not for the windows app.
    I really don't like seeing 30k+ people in my now active list just cause I am on a server they are on... They are not my friends and that is very intrusing. It even makes me wanna leave servers cause I dont know those people and i am not there for that info.
    Please do something about this, it is still being requested after YEARS of asking...


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