Rever changes to friends list so that when we click a friend we messege them rather than look at their profile



  • Sofasamuria


  • Donovan_DMC

    I would much rather have it open their profile, as that's almost always what I'm wanting to do. Here's a solution: right click and hit "message", or when you're on their profile, hit "send message"

  • Sofasamuria

    Out of interest, why do you prefer seeing your friends profile?

  • Sofasamuria

    Their profile has no beneficial information to me as im already their friend.

  • Remixx

    Their profile has roles if in a server, their tag, notes, mutual servers/friends, and connected accounts. I always click user icons with the intention of opening up a profile to take a glance at it.

  • TheMarkus1204

    It is already done. ONLINE shows only Friends that are actually online and if you click on their names the chat opens and you can message them.


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