Bring back the Activity Feed



  • Sir lee of nyatingholm

    While I dont think it was the stupidest thing ever. It did take alot of the key functionality I use discord for. having access to recent games, people I play with, and patch notes on a number of games I don't always keep up with as well as I should. Not having it on mobile makes sense, its clutter. But the features are something no other service offered as conveniently.

  • Rain

    I seriously use this feature all the time to find who is in a voice chat without scrolling through 100 discord servers though it would only show voice channels friends where in it was very useful in my opinion.

  • Amarisa

    i agree


  • Desiras

    i've 100% lost faith in discord to actually listen to feedback after the last few waves of changes they've made. They're just changing shit to change shit, they don't care what we think about it. Their complete silence in the face of countless people lodging complaints about various UI changes is very telling. 

  • Jon L

    Agreed. I know it was taken away because people weren't using it much, but as a new feature, it was certainly growing on me. 

  • Nesano

    I have a hard time believing people weren't using it much, considering how useful it was.

  • Erynn

    everyone makes mistakes, even people like discord staff who have for a long time catered to its community. i think there are just as many people that want the activity feed back as there are those that dont need or use it, its a 50-50... probably. instead of going "screw you discord" i'm simply going to suggest that we make activity feed a thing where a user can opt in to using it or opt out if they don't want it. it DOES take up significant space and some people may simply not want that. sure it seems like a small, silly little thing to not want, but there are those people out there that dont want it -  and while nearly impossible, i believe discord so far has done a great job with catering to its audience as a whole. i definitely have seen it and i believe if we ask nicely, we might get the activity feed back.

    TL;DR dont beat the devs in the head for one mistake, mistakes happen, accept that it happened, and instead try suggesting a solution, like the option to opt in to the activity feed if you want to use it.

  • Erynn

    but yes, i agree the activity feed needs to come back. i definitely made use of it and i've already seen several opened topics on bringing it back each with 5-20 people in it

    i'm sure we'll be heard. patience is key.

  • godgutten

    I and my community miss the old activity feed with they removed. As a game developer, I also miss that it was possible to add the game updates to the rich presents and that people also could join servers via rich presents like before but this got removed then the Activity Feed got removed.


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