Toggle Edited Message (Edit Tag)



  • Sammy Sammyson ☭

    Part of me hopes this thread gets going. As a server owner and operator throughout most of my time on Discord, being able to hide the edited tag would be fantastic. It ruins the aesthetic of channels so easily. I wouldn't even necessarily want this to be accessible to all users; just the ability for server owners to remove the edited tag from messages of their choice (though, realistically, this would probably be implemented as a role permission).

  • ̶I̶n̶f̶1̶n̶1̶t̶y̶

    I would also like this to be added to discord but there are some rules to be added to it. Like only server admins can do it because if anyone in the server could do it, it can make some things hard on server mods.

  • dat long boi

    There should be a setting when you're editing roles for a server to allow a role to toggle the edited text. Otherwise, in private chats, it should be automatically allowed.


    I would enjoy this feature as well. We are working hard to keep things clean and being able to hide/remove the (edited) tag from edited messages would be nice. 


    I was searching for something like this, so ye, that would be cool to have on discord

  • Wito

    Yes, please. I would love a role permission to hide the "(edited)" tag from messages, or at least make bot account messages not display it.
    Personally I have a bot that creates embeds with no "message" and it just looks super dirty when I need to edit it out because of various reasons.

    And no, deleting messages and remaking them is not a valid option as they are in the middle of all other messages I don't wanna change.

  • Yzarul

    Yes, this would be very useful for bots to make their embeds look better when, e.g., replying to a command interaction.

  • Zevex

    After years I'm amazed this still isn't a thing. It really wouldn't be that hard. Messages are already individually flagged to show “edited” text. Just add a setting for admins to toggle so that, in the message display code, if the flag is true, don't show the edited message.


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